360 Player

Experience your message in immersive 360 degree video.

360 degree Immersion

You choose the experience. The director and editor will choose the shots and angles you will view, and for how long. Now imagine watching a show, presentation or landscape as if in person, with the ability to look at each individual performer or speaker, part of the room, theatre or view, but you’re in your office, or at your home.

You become the director. You choose your experience.

Our brand new 360 degree immersive player takes video communications to the next level, making use of the newest communications technologies.

It is set to revolutionise how we watch and experience video. Longer video or presentations have the ability to be broken down and represented by navigation slides with descriptions.

An easy and intuative way to navigate to the section that interests you.

The player can also be customised to your Company colours and logo. Delivered to you as a simple clickable link for you to propagate to your website, emails and social media.

Science Fiction

The future is here. More than ever, every professional communicator needs to be using innovative video content as part of their digital strategy. This technology is powerful because it becomes an immersive experiece, you will have a memory of having been there!

Capturing 360 Video

We will not baffle you with techno babble. Over two decades in news and current affairs broadcasting as well as corporate communications has taught us to deliver the message simply.

We capture the footage with 360 degree capable camera rigs, and construct the realistic experience through our video platform. As a new technology, it has to be experienced to realise the full capabilities for you, and the depth of engagement that these features can deliver.

The immersive videos can be enjoyed on all the normal platforms such as desktop pc's and tablets as well as HMD's - Head Mounted Displays - or goggles in normal language. Delivered to you as a single clickable link. Simple.