Interactive Player

Create simple, interactive and media driven message delivery.

Our interactive video player gives you a powerful tool to deliver your messages in a simple to navigate screen, branded to your company. It can be fully integrated with your existing channels and social media, synchronisable with audio, video slides and more – and all provided to you in a single link.


We take your assets, slides and content, filmed live or pre-produced, and bring them together in an intuitive menu which is fully controllable by your viewers.

Market Leading Quality

Another key facet of the Event 1 video player is quality. We provide you with market-leading quality in terms of the visuals and content, but also in your messaging – with our full webcasting and event services there to support you at every stage.

From events to announcements, webinars to product launches, we are able to provide you with everything you need from the first discussion, to the final delivery and measurement of the response. All provided in a single link.

Swapable Screens

The screens include the main window for your content, paired with a smaller screen which can swap, to allow viewers to watch the video or just listen to the audio and read the accompanying slides or visuals.


The ability to easily control how you watch and read any type of presentation, company announcement, interview, or promotion.